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Wooden Decking

Wooden Decking

One popular option for homeowners is decking, which are usually constructed with engineered wood. This makes the deck more resistant to weather and other outdoor elements than traditional hardwoods, as the wood is treated with a resin. Today, several types of decking are available, but the most popular are:


One of the most popular decking types on the market is wood-frame decks. Wood-framed decks can be either hand-built or pre-fabricated. Some common materials for decking made from wood-framed decking include: cedar wood, redwood, and pine decking.

Another popular decking types are composite decking. Composite decks consist of several composite materials that are designed to look like wood, including plastics, metals, and synthetic fibers. The most popular materials for composite decking are plastic decking and metal decking. Other popular composite materials include fiber cement and epoxy resins. Common composite materials that are often used in composite decks are:

Another popular types of decking are vinyl decks. Vinyl decking is one of the least expensive types on the market today, and the decking is also very easy to install. Some of the more popular vinyl decking materials include: rubber, composite plastic, and PVC. In addition, other popular materials used in vinyl decks include vinyl and polystyrene.

Aluminum decks are also one of the most popular decking types on the market today. Aluminum decks are also the least expensive type of decking. Although aluminum decking is less expensive than other types of decking, it can also be more susceptible to corrosion. The majority of aluminum decks are made of aluminum alloy, although some are made from aluminum composite. Common aluminum composite decking materials used in constructing decking are:

These are just a few of the different types and varieties of wooden decking on the market today. If you are looking to add some decking to your home, you should consider visiting a local woodworking company to discuss what type of deck you would like to install and how much decking you would like installed in your home.

While there are various materials available for decking, there are some things to keep in mind before deciding which material you want to purchase. One thing to keep in mind is the price. A large percentage of decks made from wood are more expensive than decks made of composite decking. Decking made from wood is considered to be of higher quality and the deck itself will last for a longer period of time, as compared to composite decks.

Decking made from composite materials can be considered to be of better quality and will last longer than a deck made from wood. However, if your budget is not big enough to purchase a custom deck, then you may want to consider a cheaper material to create the deck of your dreams.

Remember that you have many options when it comes to decking. Once you have decided which type of deck you want, you will be able to choose which material you want to purchase the decking from.