Translational Digital Biomarkers

We collaborate to increase industry adoption & regulatory acceptance of translational digital biomarkers that refine and reduce animals in research.

Translational digital biomarkers are objective, quantifiable physiological and behavioral data that are collected and measured by means of digital technologies. They are clinically relevant and translational between preclinical studies and the clinic. These biomarkers have the potential to help reduce the number of laboratory animals needed for biomedical research and refine their lives during necessary projects.

The 3RsC Translational Digital Biomarkers Initiative was established as a collaboration among end-users and technology providers to establish an improved understanding of the value and to facilitate the optimal implementation of digital biomarker technologies in research. The initiative will engage end-users and those interested in learning more about how these technologies can be used to promote the 3Rs.

Our initiative has just published a manuscript titled Emerging Role of Translational Digital Biomarkers Within Home Cage Monitoring Technologies in Preclinical Drug Discovery & Development. Now we will be focused on creating a resource page, education, and technology hub of translational digital biomarkers. 

Technology Showcase

New to Translational Digital Biomarkers? Watch an introductory webinar below.