Meet our leaders

Thank you to our diverse leadership team & board of directors and their institutions for the unpaid, in-kind donation of their time, expertise, and passion.

Our Leadership Team

Sally Thompson Iritani, DVM/PhD, CPIA, CCFP
Our President

Assistant Vice Provost, Animal Care, Outreach, & 3Rs; Associate Professor, School of Public Health 
University of Washington

Szczepan Baran
Our Vice President

Chief Scientific Officer, VeriSIM Life

Elizabeth Nunamaker, PhD, DVM, DACLAM, DACAW
Our Past President

Director of Animal Welfare, Charles River Laboratories

Melissa Truelove, RLAT, BSc, MSc
Our Secretary

Social Housing Specialist Sr & Supervisor, Behavioral Management Unit 
Emory University

Jerry Poling, BS, CPIA
Our Treasurer

Animal Welfare Officer
Eli Lilly and Company

Our Board of Directors

Alan Hoberman, PhD

Executive Director of Global Developmental, Reproductive, & Juvenile Toxicology
Charles River Laboratories

Susan E. Bolin, DMV, PhD

Senior Clinical Research Veterinarian at AbbVie

Laura Conour, DVM, ACLAM

Executive Director of Lab Animals Resources and Attending Veterinarian

Christina Winniker

Director, Animal Welfare Due Diligence at GlaxoSmithKline

Penelope Reynolds, PhD

Professor of Anesthesiology
University Of Florida

Hossein E. Amirabadi

Organ on a Chip Education and Training, Azar Innovations

Chris Manuel, DVM, PhD, DACLAM 

Associate Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Meaghan Loy, MS, ALAT

Category Director, In Vivo Services

Clive Roper BSc, PhDCBiol, CSci, ERT, FRSB

Director, Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited 

Noel Dybdal , BS, MA, DVM, PhD

Executive Director, Genentech, Inc.

Our Ad Hoc Advisors

Jessie Carder, MS

Supervisory Technical Information Specialist
Animal Welfare Information Center

Vicky Robinson, PhD

Chief Executive

Natalie Bratcher-Petersen 

Director of Partner Relations

Naomi Charalambakis, PhD

Associate Director of Science Policy

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Our Staff

Dr. Megan LaFollette, MS, PhD

Executive Director

Lauren Young

Program Manager

Our Interns and Volunteer

Aleeza Stephens, PhD


Caroline Clement

Stanford University

Our Board of Directors Emeritus