The 3Rs Collaborative

We are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance science, innovation, and research animal welfare

We facilitate collaborative opportunities to refine, reduce, and replace animals in research. We are unique in growing partnerships between academics, pharmaceutical companies, vendors, technology providers, contract research organizations, government organizations, regulatory agents, and other non-profits. This diversity is reflected in our organizational leadership. Such partnerships are essential for the development and implementation of the 3Rs. We aim to be a leading authority on the 3Rs in North America & globally.

Strategic Goals

  1. To facilitate key collaborative initiatives for meaningful 3Rs impacts. Each initiative will stimulate research, education, & interaction between stakeholders with the overarching goal of accelerating the adoption of key 3Rs approaches. Currently, those initiatives are centered around the creation of a 3Rs certification course, translational digital biomarkers, microphysiological systems, rodent health monitoring, and refinement.
  2. To increase awareness of new 3Rs research via conferences, podcasting, our newsletter, webinars, etc.
  3. To be a foundational partner for institutional 3Rs programs by providing education and mentorship