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We collaborate to refine, reduce, & replace animals in research.

Our Work

Animals are an essential part of scientific research. We aim to improve their lives, reduce their numbers while maintaining robust results, and replace them when scientifically appropriate. We achieve this by working with research professionals to implement the 3Rs.
We believe the best work is collaborative. That’s why we work with partners across academia, industry, and more to ensure high-quality science while improving the lives of research animals. We focus on key projects that have big impacts. Right now our initiatives are focused on
Rodent Health Monitoring
Microphysiological Systems
Translational Digital Biomarkers
3Rs Certification Course
Compassion Fatigue
Artifical Intelligence

What are the 3Rs?

Refinement refers to methods that minimize the pain, suffering, and distress of research animals as well as improves their welfare.

Reduction refers to methods that minimize the number of animals required per experiment, or study design, to achieve robust results.

Replacement refers to methods or technologies which avoid, or replace, the use of animals.

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