Exir Bio

Exir Bio’s goal is to accelerate drug discovery, efficacy, and safety assessments by combining nonhuman primate (NHP) in vitro / in vivo models,
replacing, reducing, and refining (3R’s) the use of NHPs – necessary due to the global shortage of NHPs and in accordance with US Modernization Act
Exir Bio has access to ~20,000 NHP’s / 8 species across several colonies in the US, all with known origin and bred in captivity per FDA and European
Union requirements.

STEMCELL Technologies

We are the world-leading provider of reagents and services for generating organoid and stem cell-derived models of healthy and diseased human tissues.


AnaBios aims to establish the safety and efficacy of novel compounds through its advanced, human-focused translational technologies, including superior quality human tissue samples and functional assays focused, as well as human primary cells through its subsidiary Cell Systems.


For more than a decade, Ncardia has been pioneering innovations in human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).


NETRI is an industrial start-up developing innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. Its patented organs-on-chip technologies allow the creation of standardized and predictive human in vitro models.

Ananda Devices

Ananda Devices is a biotech company offering high throughput organ on-a-chip technologies such as neurons on-a-chip to accelerate R&D in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic (PFC) industries


Stem Pharm offers functional 2-D and 3-D human tissue models for disease modeling, drug discovery, and toxicity screening. We specialize in neural organoid and vascular models. Our team of scientists can also help users identify and develop unique synthetic hydrogels for their own MPS needs.

SynVivo, Inc.

Organ-on-Chip models from SynVivo recreate complex microvasculature including scale, morphology, hemodynamic shear stress, and cellular interactions in a perfused microfluidic chip environment. Validated models include Air Liquid Interface for Lung, Blood-Brain Barrier, Tumor, DIVI, Inflammation.

Hesperos Inc.

Hesperos is accelerating drug discovery by providing safety and efficacy testing services using its Human-on-a-Chip, microphysiological system. This breakthrough technology enables unprecedented preclinical insight bringing better therapies to patients faster without the need for animal testing.