AnaBios aims to establish the safety and efficacy of novel compounds through its advanced, human-focused translational technologies, including superior quality human tissue samples and functional assays focused, as well as human primary cells through its subsidiary Cell Systems.


For more than a decade, Ncardia has been pioneering innovations in human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).


NETRI is an industrial start-up developing innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. Its patented organs-on-chip technologies allow the creation of standardized and predictive human in vitro models.


React4Life provides MIVO® organ-on-chip technology for advanced in vitro testing. Our platform can closely replicate human physiology by hosting 3D human cells or clinically relevant sized tissues under precisely controlled fluid dynamic conditions. Our multi-organ configuration enables simultaneous investigations into drug efficacy and cytotoxic effects, providing a more comprehensive and relevant context.


BiomimX develops the next generation of beating organs-on-chips. uBeat® Platforms and connected hardware provide 3D miniaturized constructs with a tunable mechanical stimulation to model human organs’ function and diseases. uBeat® products and customized drug screening services are available.

Newcells Biotech

Newcells Biotech uses 3D in vitro modelling expertise to develop nephrotoxicity and renal transporter assays that most accurately predict in vivo outcomes, as well as producing fully developed hiPSC-derived Retinal Organoids.

Ananda Devices

Ananda Devices is a biotech company offering high throughput organ on-a-chip technologies such as neurons on-a-chip to accelerate R&D in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic (PFC) industries