The ColonyRack is a next generation enriched environment. Multiple standard cages are interconnected by tubes which are monitored by RFID sensors. This allows longitudinal tracking of each animal to study individuality and behavioural variability in rodent populations under highly defined conditions. Parameters like physical fitness, sociability, hierarchical status, behavioural stereotypy, anxiety, and exploratory drive are derived from this automated home cage monitoring. Aging and frailty are only examples of relevant application areas. Novelty to the environment can be easily introduced by rearranging connections or cages. Furthermore, the habitat can be extended with additional automated test units for enhanced behavioural phenotyping.

Digital Ventilated Cage®

The DVC® is a unique home-cage monitoring system, designed for standard Tecniplast IVC cages. It offers the potential to gather data continuously, without the need for physical entry into the cages and unaffected by enrichment material. It requires only a small amount of data collection, enabling its scalability for a fully digitalized Vivarium. This system uses capacitive sensing technology offering durability, reliability and design flexibility. The DVC® has been designed to be used in any animal facility and lab since its main component, the DVC® Rack, can be easily washed and autoclaved.

UID Rodent Matrix

The UID Rodent Matrix is an RFID reader board placed under each cage to record location, movement and temperature. The system enables noninvasive, undisturbed and continuous monitoring of group-housed rodents in a home cage setting. The data is automatically collected, and is available throughout the course of the study in real-time. The system provides a practical and flexible solution in a scalable framework to fit all needs and budgets. The system is compatible for monitoring as little as one static cage and scaling up for monitoring hundreds of cages from high-density IVC rack systems.


The PhenoTyper cage is an apparatus designed for comprehensive behavioral studies in rodents. The cage is equipped with an IR camera that enables real-time, controlled tracking and analysis. Researchers can gather data on locomotion, exploration and social behavior. The PhenoTyper is used in fields like neuroscience, psychology, and drug development to understand the effects of genetic, environmental, or pharmacological factors on behavior. This technology streamlines data collection and evaluation of potential therapies/interventions.