Exir Bio

Exir Bio’s goal is to accelerate drug discovery, efficacy, and safety assessments by combining nonhuman primate (NHP) in vitro / in vivo models,
replacing, reducing, and refining (3R’s) the use of NHPs – necessary due to the global shortage of NHPs and in accordance with US Modernization Act
Exir Bio has access to ~20,000 NHP’s / 8 species across several colonies in the US, all with known origin and bred in captivity per FDA and European
Union requirements.


InSphero is the pioneer of industrial-grade, 3D-microtissue-based assay solutions and scaffold-free 3D organ-on-a-chip technology. The company specializes in liver toxicology, metabolic diseases (e.g., T1 & T2 diabetes and NAFLD & NASH liver disease), and immuno oncology.