3Rs Certificate Initiative

We’re collaborating to improve understanding, recognition, and implementation of the 3Rs.

There is a lack of specific, standardized, and accessible training in the 3Rs (refine, reduce, replace) which causes difficulty in implementation. Therefore, the 3RsC is creating a 3Rs certification course to accelerate understanding, recognition, and implementation of the 3Rs.

The course will be virtual, interactive, and self-passed consisting of 5 one-hour modules on Introduction/History of the 3Rs: Refinement, Reduction, Replacement, and Applications/Related Topics. It will be North American-centric in concordance with US & Canadian guidelines. Our target audience is anyone new to working with research animals, but it will be applicable to anyone in the field including graduate students, scientists, IACUC members, veterinarians, technicians, etc. 

Pricing will be offered for both individuals and institutions at a competitive rate. Expected release date for the course is September 2024!

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