AnaBios aims to establish the safety and efficacy of novel compounds through its advanced, human-focused translational technologies, including superior quality human tissue samples and functional assays focused, as well as human primary cells through its subsidiary Cell Systems.


BiomimX develops the next generation of beating organs-on-chips. uBeat® Platforms and connected hardware provide 3D miniaturized constructs with a tunable mechanical stimulation to model human organs’ function and diseases. uBeat® products and customized drug screening services are available.

Aracari Bio

Aracari’s vascularized micro-organ and tumor models incorporate perfused human vasculature for the physiologic delivery of nutrients, drugs and immune cells to multiple tissue and tumor types. These powerful next-generation tools are advancing discovery in immuno-oncology and drug development.

Hesperos Inc.

Hesperos is accelerating drug discovery by providing safety and efficacy testing services using its Human-on-a-Chip, microphysiological system. This breakthrough technology enables unprecedented preclinical insight bringing better therapies to patients faster without the need for animal testing.

Curi Bio

Curi’s suite of human iPSC-derived products and services enable scientists to build more mature and predictive human iPSC-derived tissues—with a focus on cardiac, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular models—for the discovery, safety testing, and efficacy testing of new drugs in development.


Mimetas develops high-throughput healthy and diseased organ-on-a-chip models in the OrganoPlate®, a screening-compatible microfluidics platform that supports the recreation of native tissue structures, and their interaction with compounds, signaling factors, disease triggers, and co-cultured cell types.