AnaBios aims to establish the safety and efficacy of novel compounds through its advanced, human-focused translational technologies, including superior quality human tissue samples and functional assays focused, as well as human primary cells through its subsidiary Cell Systems.


React4Life provides MIVO® organ-on-chip technology for advanced in vitro testing. Our platform can closely replicate human physiology by hosting 3D human cells or clinically relevant sized tissues under precisely controlled fluid dynamic conditions. Our multi-organ configuration enables simultaneous investigations into drug efficacy and cytotoxic effects, providing a more comprehensive and relevant context.


AlveoliX is a Swiss-based organ-on-chip company. Our product is comprised of different hardware components and the easy-to-handle organ-on-chip consumable AX12. On the AX12 healthy and diseased biomodels can be created to study drug safety and efficacy and to answer fundamental research questions.

SynVivo, Inc.

Organ-on-Chip models from SynVivo recreate complex microvasculature including scale, morphology, hemodynamic shear stress, and cellular interactions in a perfused microfluidic chip environment. Validated models include Air Liquid Interface for Lung, Blood-Brain Barrier, Tumor, DIVI, Inflammation.

Hesperos Inc.

Hesperos is accelerating drug discovery by providing safety and efficacy testing services using its Human-on-a-Chip, microphysiological system. This breakthrough technology enables unprecedented preclinical insight bringing better therapies to patients faster without the need for animal testing.

Altis Biosystems

Altis Biosystems has developed a stem cell platform that recreates the human intestinal epithelium, using proliferative stem cells and terminally differentiated cells. These cells are sourced from transplant-grade intestine. It is a high-throughput format, ideal for drug screening.


Mimetas develops high-throughput healthy and diseased organ-on-a-chip models in the OrganoPlate®, a screening-compatible microfluidics platform that supports the recreation of native tissue structures, and their interaction with compounds, signaling factors, disease triggers, and co-cultured cell types.