EHM Formal Mentorship Page

Are you looking to trial out or implement EHM at your institution? Do you desire an EHM mentor to help guide and coach you through EHM? If you are a vivarium supervisor or manager, veterinarian, or technician, we may have a mentor for you.

Member Expectations

  • Timeline: 3-6 months 
  • Meeting frequency and duration: to be agreed upon between mentor and mentee; recommended in form of Zoom, Teams, WebEx or similar web-based communication platform 
  • Mentor expectations: initiate meeting/conversations with the mentee, be familiar with 3RsC EHM resources, facilitate EHM change implementation via feedback and guidance, assist with goal setting and suggestions for timing/check-ins on key project milestones   
  • Mentee expectations: seeking guidance to clarify goals or resources needed to establish and/or complement an EHM program, set clear goals with mentor, reception to mentee feedback and provide feedback to gauge progress, communicating in a timely manner 

How do I get involved?

If you would like to be a mentee, please fill out this survey. We will help match you with an appropriate mentor in ~30-60 days!