Membership Benefits

By becoming a paid member of NA3RsC, you make it possible for us to develop impactful 3Rs resources for the entire community while also gaining specific benefits for your institution.

We provide some resources free of cost and open access to the research community. We believe that this is essential to advance science, innovation, and research animal welfare through the application of the 3Rs. These resources allow the entire research community access to key resources to apply the 3Rs and improve the lives of their animals. This is particularly important for small institutions with small animal programs that are unlikely to have the budget for extensive resources. By becoming a paid member of NA3RsC, you make it possible for us to develop and maintain these impactful 3Rs resources for the entire community.

Resource Pages

We have created 15 3Rs resource pages that cover a variety of topics related to the 3Rs. They include animal-specific pages, non-aversive handling pages for mice and rat tickling, as well as reduction & replacement pages offering resources on rodent health monitoring and microphysiological systems. Finally, we also offer resource pages on compassion fatigue, 3Rs funding & award opportunities in North American, and best practices for mitigating bioethical, reproducible, and translational challenges.

Conferences & Webinars

We coordinate and present several free webinars and conference(s) each year. Our staff and initiative members get free, or included, webinars at NJABR’s 3Rs Seminar Series, for NC3Rs, and at a variety of conferences throughout the year (PRIM&R, AALAS, ACLAM, etc.). In the past, we’ve presented on topics such as compassion fatigue, rat tickling, rodent health monitoring, 3Rs careers, ethics, and refining mouse handling.


Each month, in conjunction with Lab Animal and NC3Rs, we contribute to the 3-minute 3Rs podcast. This podcast summarizes 3 new peer-reviewed 3Rs related papers each, in just 1 minute. It provides busy research professionals an ideal opportunity to stay abreast of the latest 3Rs research.

Newsletter & Social Media

Each month, NA3RsC releases two key newsletters. One highlights any new resources from NA3RsC. The second highlights resources from other 3Rs institutions. We also post bite-sized pieces of 3Rs content on LinkedIn and Twitter weekly. This includes key tips for enriching common species, reminders of upcoming conferences and webinars, and so much more. These resources allow busy research professionals to stay up to date on the latest 3Rs news and stay abreast of relevant 3Rs related opportunities.

Free Initiatives

Four of our six initiatives are completely free to join. This allows us to facilitate impactful 3Rs opportunities between the most highly qualified individuals in the field, not just those at institutions that are current members.

For-Profit Membership Levels

We offer four levels to best meet the needs of your organization and your budget. Remember that all members of the research community are eligible to access our free 3Rs resources listed above and that your paid membership helps support make those offerings possible.

Bronze $1,000+

  • Logo featured on NA3RsC website.
  • Approval & templates demonstrating your 3Rs commitments. The NA3RsC will provide you with our logo, specific text, and a sample editable slide that can be used to highlight your membership with us.

Silver $5,000+

  • Previous benefits plus
  • Logo in our newsletter. Our newsletter is delivered to about 2,000 research professionals a month.
  • Professional development discounts. A 10% discount on any of our paid certification programs.

Gold $10,000+

  • Previous benefits plus
  • Newsletter feature. 
  • Up to 4 hours of consulting or training from NA3RsC. These programs include topics related to any of our initiatives.
  • 2 free 3Rs certification courses. This 5-hour virtual training course will teach professionals the history, specific application, and broadscale application of the 3Rs. It will be released in mid 2023.

Platinum $25,000+

  • Previous benefits plus
  • Up to 8 hours of consulting or training from NA3RsC. Provide your institution even more customized training opportunities from the NA3RsC.

Activating your NA3RsC Membership

Make a payment online through our system ( or for an invoice & to pay by check, email us at

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