Call for Research Projects on Environmental Health Monitoring

The number of publications confirming the use of EHM as a more sensitive method for health monitoring increases yearly. However, there is so much more than we need to learn about EHM. Please consider conducing these research projects at your institution and publishing them for all to see!

  1. Confirm adequate sanitation for IVC racks and their cages to ensure the removal or degradation of legacy nucleic acids for different pathogens
  2. The effect of varying air changes per hour and humidity on EDT
  3. Comparing plenum swabbing versus the use of indwelling filter media for EDT
  4. Assessing media trapping efficiency for EDT and SFSB
  5. Assessing rate of rodent pathogen deposition into a racks exhaust system for EDT
  6. Assay detection limits for PCR tests of different pathogens
  7. Confirm the impact of rack prevalence for various pathogens
  8. Investigate any impact of different types of bedding on EHM
  9. Comparing SFSB techniques & products (dredging vs indwelling media, DIY vs commercial products)